Wish Christmas Goodbye or Did You Do That Already?

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In many parts of the world, Christmas is celebrated from Dec. 25 through Epiphany on January 6.  Celebrations continue and decorations remain up.  My family honors the twelve days of Christmas.   But, the pine scented greenery placed on our mantle is drying to a prickly, irritating mess.  And, another strand of lights on our pre-lit tree just blew out leaving black holes within the warm glow in the corner.  Only one day to go.

For some, the faster the decorations can come down, the better.   For the first few days following Christmas, Facebook updates spread the relief of friends who had conquered storing the tree and all the trimmings   I guess it is understandable.   Holiday decorations and preparations surround and bombard us months before December 25.  Frankly, by Christmas, many of us, overloaded and almost sick of the fanfare, succumb to the itch to put the holiday behind us and get on with the new year.  (Plus, I think it is bad luck to leave your decorations up PAST the last day of the season, so an early removal strategy could be better time-management.)

But at our house, the decorations are still up, and the lights are on through the bitter end.   The simple act of plugging in the Christmas lights each night helps me linger a bit longer within this holiday bubble. The new year, with all of its rush and excitement, taps at my shoulder whispering that school starts back today.  Vacation is over, and life must revert back to normal.   However, I’m intent on a change in attitude.   I tell my husband I want the peacefulness and closeness to my family and friends I’ve felt over this holiday season to continue on.

And like the familiar holiday song where a true love delights the singer with gifts for each of these twelve special days, the true presence of the holiday season can offer joy day after day if you can sit back, recognize and revisit the moments of what Christmas means to you.

With school out and kids at home, more time together as a family created memories for me as we laughed  through lively Scrabble and Apples to Apples games.  Noisy afternoons full of kids running, yelling and playing hide-and- seek inside and out of the house filled up our vacation days.  And a few, treasured nights of conversation over home cooked dinners with long-time, but seldom seen, friends rounded out a new year’s weekend.

This Wednesday, Christmas ends , as always, with the visit from the wise men.  Maybe the epiphany here is that whether we meet December 26 with a house as bare of Christmas as little Cindy Lou Who’s home when the Grinch stole everything, or if we face January 6 with dried out greenery, malfunctioning Christmas lights and a mid-week task of taking it all down, we can still savor the real beauty of the season and carry it through 2010.

Thanks for reading and for your support over 2009.   Now, take a minute to laugh and enjoy this awesome  acapella group I happily discovered on YouTube this year– Straight No Chaser and their hilarious version of the twelve days of Christmas.

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