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Much to See at WLJT-TV’s Wedding Wonderland Bridal Vendor Show.

For my readers who have wedding bells in their future, here’s a chance to gather in the best ideas for every part of your special day–all in one location.   WLJT-TV’s second annual Wedding Wonderland Bridal Vendor Show is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lindell, downtown Martin.

Admission is free.  Plus, vendors have taken every booth available promising brides and their families a full array of wedding necessities and services to preview without the hassle and expense of traveling out of town.

I had a chance to ask Katrina Cobb, WLJT-TV’s assistant station manager and bridal show coordinator, about Saturday’s event:

Who should attend ?  “This show is for everyone.  The bride is an absolute must.  She can bring her bridesmaids, and they can help her pick out the best cakes.  She can bring her mom and dad, and they can help her choose a photographer.  She can bring the groom, and he can help pick out his tux.  There’s something for everyone.”

What is a favorite of yours at the show ?  “Last year, we all had a wonderful time.  It was so great to see these girls planning for their big day!  Some only brought one or two people with them, and there were others who brought the whole family.   One girl introduced me to her group of about eight people, and she pointed out her father to me.  I commented that he was the first father of the day.  He was quick to tell me that he was writing the check, so he wanted to see what he was paying for.”

Creative table and floral arrangements

Katrina continued,  “This event just puts a smile on your face.  It’s beautiful, first of all, because the vendors take such pride in their displays.  The brides and their friends are all so excited.  And, well, it’s just something different to do on a Saturday in Martin, Tennessee. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

What prompted WLJT to begin offering this event ? ” With the state of the economy, we’re all looking for new ways to raise money – especially not-for-profits like WLJT.  Each time we consider a new event like this we ask ourselves several questions.  Is there a need for this?  Is there a “following” for this?  Is it a service that we can provide?  Can we be involved in this sort of event and still hold our heads up high and feel with spent our time and efforts respectfully? In the case of our Wedding Wonderland there was definitely a need.   No similar events closer than Jackson had been held in several years, and there’s always a following because there’s always new brides.  This is something that we can coordinate and be of service, not only to the brides, but also to the vendors who look at this as being a different avenue of promotion for their business.  We work with the absolute best vendors, so we’re very proud of the company we keep!”

I know the admission is free, and that vendors pay for their booth space. How does WLJT-TV benefit from this fundraiser? The vendor booth revenue goes directly to the purchase of programs seen on WLJT and to the cost of outreach programs that we provide.  So we’re taking the vendor’s money and investing it back in to the services we provide for West Tennesseans.”

It takes a lot of time and organization to make an event like this successful.  To what do you attribute your success ?  “A great group of people at the station doing something they love – meeting and serving the community – coming together with a great group of vendors that are dedicated to providing quality products and services to their customers.  It’s a winning combination.”

The Lindell is a special event facility offering an elegant venue in downtown Martin.

Any other information you would like to share about the event?   “We’ll be open Saturday, January 23 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at  The Lindell in downtown Martin.  Cost is absolutely zero, and the brides can register for some fabulous door prizes, make some new friends and take care of a lot of the wedding “to do” list.”

Wedding Wonderland photos courtesy of WLJT-TV;  Lindell photograph courtesy of Warner Pace.

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