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iStock_000005467731XSmallA dear, special friend passed from this life this morning.  I learned of his death while I was at church sitting in a pew close to where he and his wife always sat.  The grief that washed over me was not for him.  I know he is free of illness, and I rest in the assurance that he has passed on to a place with God.

I’m grieving for all the rest of us who were better people in his eyes.  Someone has left this world who made each one of us feel important and unique. I speak for more than myself  because I know this gift he had wasn’t only showered on me.  Just talk to some of  his long-time friends who worked with him on countless church projects over the years.  You can tell how much they admired him and valued his friendship.   During the past few months, these friends were ever present, as his body grew tired, to gently assist him in his wheelchair into church and back home.  They were there to visit with him and laughingly plan his “escape” from his hospital bed or to bring him a favorite dish that wasn’t served at the assisted living facility where he spent his last months.  They were there to talk about kids and grandchildren and to continue to plan with him for the next church “covered dish supper” or the next night out to dinner.

I only knew him for ten or so years.  I can’t imagine the grief of ones who’ve known him for a lifetime.  He uncovered the hint of possibility and promise that is in each one of us.  I don’t know how he did it, but anytime I talked with or worked with him, I felt better about myself.  It is selfish, but I am grieving for my loss.

My friend passed on a day that is supposed to be a day of  joy in our Advent calendar.   Somehow, I find comfort in knowing he left us on a day of joy because he created so much within us.

What I wish for you is that you are blessed with a friend who believes in the best part of you.  I wish you a chance to be touched by a person whom God has blessed with the gift of creating hope in your heart.  I wish you a friend like my friend John.

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