Your Extra Hour- What Did You Do With It?

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On November 1, we rolled the clocks back yet again and “fell back” when Daylight Savings Time ended.

sticky notes and to do listA solid hour gained.  What a gift, especially these days when Christmas is lurking right in front of us, and time seems to be gaining speed and rolling faster toward those hectic holidays.

What did you do with your hour?  Waking up at usual time because my body thought it was time to get up, I realized I had been granted 60 wonderful minutes. What a luxury–an entire hour.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it turned out to be a treasure.  The house was silent.  I flipped on the light.

Slowing down instead of moving into that “high-gear pace after the first cup of coffee” and mentally checking off all of those sticky notes inside my brain, I took the quiet time to read, think and give thanks for my family and my friends.  Counting your blessings is truly a healing endeavor.

And what is funny, is even though it was just one hour, I am still waking up earlier and grabbing that extra time in the morning to be thankful.  I hope my body doesn’t wake up and realize it could be snoozing.  I am enjoying this.

What did you do with your gift?

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