What Does Cleaning Out My Closet Have to Do With Anything?

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Closet filled to overflowingI haven’t had time to clean out my closets.  They are crammed with memories in the form of kids’ school art, photo albums, 1990’s scarves and old jewelry.  Shelves are stashed with upcoming Christmas and birthday presents and with blue, pink, and yellow yarn balls from failed knitting projects.   There are also good jeans, sweatshirts and blouses in boxes and other clothes that are still hanging up because, at some point, my waistline will miraculously return to the size needed to wear them again.

Face it.  You have extra. I admit it. I can push more stuff into a closet than anyone.  Now, I’ve worked with a few sellers who could have written a book on closet organization.  I have a friend who really does have a system for donating and discarding items regularly.  But for many, me included, closets are quick and easily accessible depositories for all those items we don’t know what to do with.   For us, clearing out and letting go of  slightly-used items can be time-consuming, challenging and definitely a task we can do later.   I believe, though, that this arduous task can serve as an emotional move forward, whether or not a home move is on the horizon or a partner is threatening to put everything into one of those big, black lawn and leaf bags and deposit it in the garage.

Make the time. Why not take this holiday week and weekend and help someone else out?  We spruce up our homes for the holidays.  We clean and cook and put our best foot forward.  Why not reserve a bit of time from your hectic schedule and clean out a closet or part of a garage or an attic?  Take the time while watching a ballgame or while resting in between Christmas decorating or shopping activities.  Pick one area, even if it is only one closet.  Find the good stuff  stashed away.  Uncover the items that are in great shape and would be perfect for another use.

Share your abundance. A growing organization, started here in Martin, Catalyst Missions, is accepting these items for an upcoming mission trip to Appalachia in December.  According to team member Jana Ogg, the people they minister to would welcome adult and children’s clothing and slightly used household items.  We Care Ministries in Martin is also accepting donations right now for their successful Christmas Store set to start up on Dec. 14.  According to We Care Director, Betty Baker, children’s shoes, children’s clothing and toys with all of their parts are needed.   Both these groups need these items donated by the first week or so in December.  So, if you have not already donated items,  the call is to clear out now during the upcoming holiday week.   Use your time to move forward and, more importantly, help someone else out.

To learn more details on a Martin drop off point and date for donations to Catalyst and their upcoming Appalachia trip, email or call Jana Ogg at 731-514-2007 or Jane Ogg at 731-588-5220.  Additionally, We Care Ministries is accepting donations through December 11 for their Christmas Store, and you can drop off anytime between 9 and 3:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday at the 530 N. Lindell location.  Call Betty Baker at 587-6257 for more information.

Okay, I will start over.    I’m going to take the time to clean out one closet….

Happy Thanksgiving!


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