Sometimes It is In Your Own Backyard

in My Take On Things

There is a sheer golden curtain draped around my home and others in my neighborhood right now.  When the sun hits it just right, in the early afternoon, it is mesmerizing.  I am drawn into the picture postcard scene.  And, you would think that when there are no cars on the street, it would be very quiet and peaceful; instead, there is a muffled, soft sound like when snow is steadily falling.  Is it the sound of hundreds of yellow leaves making their way to the ground?


It is a stunning audio-visual display, and one that has made me catch my breath a few afternoons this week and snap photos.  Of course, these pics never do justice to what nature offers; however, I can try.  Living among huge, old, deciduous trees provides a canopy of green and shade in the summer, and when the leaves turn, the show begins.  I didn’t have to drive a great distance to enjoy it either




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