I’ve Unpacked the Suitcase!

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suitcaseI am glad you are reading! I am glad to be living here in Martin, TN. Not a native, I joke I kept a suitcase packed and ready to go in the closet for the first three years when Tim and I relocated back to Martin from Nashville with our children. I just was not prepared for living in my husband’s hometown community where everyone knew everyone and, I knew hardly anyone.

As the years have marched on, I have a much enlightened view of life in our small town. The last six years of traveling in the pharmaceutical business from Tupelo, MS to Memphis and then into western KY and all of the small towns in between have bestowed upon me a great appreciation for our way of life. Twenty years of raising three children and living in this community has given me a new hometown.

This is why I have started this blog. As a Realtor® working with customers and clients from all walks of life and geographic areas, I talk with many who have to make the decision to make a home and a life here. Others are just moving down the street or across town, and the move is still a big decision.

Highlights on our way of life and our town with its myriad of unique personalities and families, interesting businesses, places to live, community gatherings, and some just plain quirky happenings is what I want to share. Readers, be gentle. This is a new undertaking and will take some practice.

MartinTNLiving is not about just what street, in what subdivision, in a home with so much square feet and so many bedrooms. It is a community blog rich with its own flavor and character.

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